Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Blogging Communities

Blogging community is made up from a group of people who shares the same interest. Vinson (2006) stated that “They are groups of people who explicitly come together for a common reason. They might gather because they share a common history (school, town, country, family), or a common event binds them (a success or tragedy), or because they share a common interest (chemistry, knowledge management, blogging, derivative markets, bicycling, basket weaving)”. It is important to be successful blogger in a blogging community because your reputations are based on your actions in the blogging world (Nikki, 2008). Nikki (2008) also stated that “Having a community of your peers who enjoy what your blog has to say and respect you as part of the blogosphere goes a long way”.

Blogging community can be build through linking other readers on their own blog, interacting with other bloggers by commenting on their blog post and replying their questions (Rowse, 2008). By doing so, it will mutually connect everyone and increase your blogging community.

According to White (2006) the three types of blog based community are: The Single Blog/Blogger Centric Community, the Central Connecting Topic Community and the Boundaried Community.

Figure 1: Blog Based Communities

(Source: The Knowledge Tree)

Figure 2: Single Blog/Blogger Centric Cimmunity

(Source: The Knowledge Tree)

Figure 3: Topic Centric Community

(Source: The Knowledge Tree)

Figure 4: Boundaried Communities

(Source: The Knowledge Tree) is an example of blogging community because there is a vast interaction between the Prime Minister and the citizens in Malaysia through Facebook, Flickr, Twitter and Youtube. Malaysians are encouraged to leave comments or suggestions in the blog and by doing this, it helps to build the blogging community.


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