Saturday, November 14, 2009

Facebook makeover leaves some devotees fuming

This article is regarding over 100 million of Facebook users feeling furious and unhappy over the launching of the new-look and format of the global social networking website. The change of the format design is believed to provide better advantages and more efficient design for users to navigate. However, Facebook hate forums were created for users to express their hatred of the new-look. The Facebook’s team believes that Facebook users will slowly adapt to the change of design as the changes will improve the social networking website.

Figure 1: The Old Facebook

Figure 2: The New Facebook

In every good web design, there should be a clear purpose, the intended audience must be identified, a well structured design, easy for users to navigate and keep the site current (Grunwald, 2009). According to Kyrnin (1997), he also stated that a good layout has to be efficient and effective with the features of unity, balance, proportion, emphasis, and sequence.

According to Nielsen (1997), web users usually do not read word by word as they scan the page to pick out on individual words and sentences. A well structured web page should include highlighted keywords, meaningful sub headings, bulleted list, one idea per paragraph and half the word count.

From the change of the new design of the Facebook, we can see that the design is not well structure and categorized. New posted picture, status, posted videos and many other features are being notified in one category. This will confuse new users to navigate themselves which will affect in term of time consuming and estrangement of loyal users.


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