Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Classification of Blogs

There are a large number of bloggers out there and with the help of classification of blogs, it helps readers to choose the types of blogs they want to read. The existence of blog types is due to the different blog topic and audiences. Thomson (2004) stated that “As different people blog for different reasons, they also create different types of blogs”.

According to Wikipedia (2009), the following are the types of blogs:
Subject matter:


Media type:

However, Margaret Simons (Funnell, 2008) has a different perception towards classification of blog. Simons (2008) classify the types of blogs into “Digest blog”, “Advocacy blog”, “Popular Mechanics blog”, “Exhibition blog”, “Gatewatcher blog”, “Diary”, “Advertisement” and “News blog”. Yet, not all bloggers stick to a particular format of classification of blogs which made it difficult to classify the different types of blogs (Funnel, 2008).

I personally think that the classification of blog taken from Wikipedia is more useful as compared to Simon’s classification of blog. This is because Wikipedia’s classification of blogs is more basic and easy to classify the types of blogs. Readers could easily search and navigate the information they need according to the classification of blogs provided by Wikipedia.

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