Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Finally it has come to an end to blogging for this assignment and I have learnt a lot through out this process. One of the skills I learnt from blogging is that it is essential to understand how readers read on the web because the way a reader read on print and web are different. It is best to emphasize on important information by highlighting the keywords, having headings and sub-headings as readers would skim through the texts at all times (Nielsen, 1997).
On the other hand, the information used in my blog posts were cited to avoid any copyright issues. Lannon (2006) stated that credibility and the accuracy of the information have to be used appropriately. Besides, I also learnt that images are as important as texts. It is essential to include images in the blog post as it will increase reader’s interest in reading them. Both images and texts are designed to work together as it will enhance learning and understanding (Schriver, 1997). Schriver (1997) also stated that “learning was better with text and illustration”. In conclusion, this learning process was beneficial and valuable to me.


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