Tuesday, November 17, 2009

New media ecosystem - Web TV

This article discusses about the concept TV Everywhere chich is a new transformation cencept in the television industry. The Diffusion Group conducted a survey reading this issue. The result shows that consumers are familiar with this concpet and many of them are willing to pay for the service. However, considerable issues erupted along as this concept might bring negative impacts to other electronic device industry. Anyhow, the cencept is already an ongoing among the consumers and is largely acceptable.For individual subscribers, this technology means that Directv is able to offer tons of choices in programming and great quality picture.

Figure 1: Mobile TV showing basketball match

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The new era of the transformation of television today have alter the way people received information or act as a tool of entertainment. The evolution of television ha evolved to a diversity of ways for people to be able to access to live television and watch movies through devices such as Computers, mobile phones, and other devices. According to the article, the that was conducted by the Diffusion Group shows that some people would actually pay for televison service on their TV, PC or mobile phones. Through this experiment, we can see how important television is to people in today's world.

The mobile TV has been a new trend of entertainment which telecommunication and electronic companies sees it as a source of revenue. It is stated by Sinclair (2008) that by 20011, Mobile TV will be the biggest revenue stream. The difference between the new form of television and old television is the context that is used in it. According to Schaeferdiek, using Mobile TV is a more personalized experience. (Sinclair, 2008) People will be albe to watch television personally through their mobile phone or other device.

I personally think that Television is one of the most common tools of entertainment. In my experience with the evolution of television, it has nourished the entertainment world by providing movies, live news and other entertainment.


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